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15Nov 2013
How to Handle End of Tenancy Cleaning
How to Handle End of Tenancy Cleaning

Leaving a home involves casting aside our previous life and preparing for a new one. It will be the chance to see and so things we have never saw or done before, meet new people, indulge ourselves in a varied atmosphere and culture. It is a significant process that requires vast amounts of work and preparation. This can take its toll but you manage it knowing what the end result will be.

If you arrive at your new address eager to start your life anew and find that things are not as you expected it can ruin the experience. If your new home is messy, dirty, dusty, cluttered, disorganised and full of stains, your excitement dies. You cannot look forward to leaving in a home that doesn’t feel safe or where you can’t relax. While there is little you can do in order to prevent this happening to you, you can spare others with end of tenancy cleaning.

Managing to find time to clean your entire home before you leave it can be difficult because of all of the other chores you have to perform. Cleaning itself can make a lot of time and effort, so coupled wit you moving tasks, it can seem impossible there are several ways to go about this, starting with hiring professional help. There are firms out there who can handle everything, such as a removal company. They can come to your home, pack all your goods, carry furniture in and out of building and transport it all. With their help, you can dedicate yourself to your cleaning. Knowing that you move is going smoothly. On the other hand, you could hire professional cleaners to see to your abode top to bottom while you focus on packing and moving items. Having both such companies will guarantee a great result and reduce your work, though the cost can become quite high.

If you are to handle you own post occupancy clearing, then you should be prepared. Write up a schedule immediately so that you can manage it and your moving jobs. Put aside time to get every task done and give it enough so that the process goes smoothly and is completed thoroughly. Workout what cleaning materials are necessary and stock up on them so you will be able to tackle every chore. Assign tasks, times and areas to other members of your household so the work is done quicker and no one person has to do it all.

You have to be meticulous with your clean because every inch has to look good. Start with the carpets, as they can often need the most work. Vacuum them all and remove stains, as well as wiping tiles and plastic floors until they shine. You will be able to reach previously inaccessible areas because your furniture is out that way so clean in these spots. Don’t forget to wipe the inside of cupboards, as well as on top and underneath them. You should spend time eliminating every stain in your home, using the correct techniques and best cleaning genets. Don’t forget to disinfect the bathroom and kitten, wash blinds and curtains and that the garden is presentable.

You must empty out all of your goods before you leave, so be thorough. This will include the attic, basement, garage, shed, etc, so make sure you collect everything. If you leave any furniture behind ensure that is it in good quality.

End of tenancy cleaning can be tough to manage but if you follow these tips, you can make your home ready for its new owners.

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