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06Oct 2013
Steam Cleaning - your Perfect Home Cleaning Solution?
Steam Cleaning - your Perfect Home Cleaning Solution?

When it comes to cleaning your home, you will likely use a wide range of different cleaning methods, from vacuuming, washing, scrubbing, sweeping, dusting to who knows what else, and the varying techniques can make the job seem more of an effort that it is worth. You would likely want a cleaner that gets rid of dirt whilst also being an antibacterial agent that sanitizes surfaces. Perhaps even a cleaning method that doesn’t require much effort in terms of elbow grease, and that only runs on water, leaving no costs for replacing cleaning products... Well, a steam cleaner could well be perfect for your needs. There are many on the market for all sorts of jobs, so you should have a closer look at the things that you can get done with the power of steam, and how it all works...

Steam cleaners contain a boiler that heats water into steam. The steam is then forced out through a nozzle of some kind that often has a cleaning tool on the end. The power and heat of the steam simultaneously kills harmful germs and bacteria whilst also shifting grease, limescale, soap scum and other dirt. This makes it an all round tool for cleaning throughout the home, as it can be used on pretty much any surface that can be touched by moisture, even on some clothing and shoes. You will find that the initial cost will be fairly hefty, with prices starting at around thirty to fifty pounds, and going higher for larger or more powerful cleaners. This initial cost is offset by the fact that the cleaner will not need anything other than water to make it work, so you save money on products. The flaw in the grand scheme of things however is that you may need varying sizes of steam cleaner to cover different jobs. Whilst a handheld steamer is great for the surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom work, a larger one would certainly be needed for flooring, which can also be quite expensive, despite how effective they are.

If you think that steam power could be the method for you, then you’re in luck, as there is very little in the house that cannot be sorted with a bit of steam. The heat of the steam melts away the adhesive qualities found in dirt and grime and the moisture in the steam dilutes it, so that all you have to do is wipe the dirt away as it is loosened from the surface - no scrubbing! You can do the grouting between tiles, the barbecue, windows, doors, shelving, floors and many other things. The bathroom limescale will vanish, leaving your taps and fittings looking brand new without you having to do much physical working on it.

There are potential limitations however if you are looking to get things done quickly. Relying on your steamer for everything may be difficult as sometimes certain models will take a while to heat up and produce the steam that you need in order to clean. This depends on the size of the boiler that the unit contains, which will also affect the resulting cleaning time. If your boiler is large, then you will have a longer clean time, but the start up process may well take longer. This can be combatted by getting other necessary things done whilst you are waiting, so that you do not feel like the start up is a waste of your time.

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