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Customer reviews
     Our house is cleaner than ever. We happily recommend this company.
Victoria Horn18/07/2024
     The worker who arrived was very well-mannered. He managed to work around our customers, fulfilled all our needs, and left the area spotless.
Gale Lane08/07/2024
     The team at Cleaner Bermondsey has proven to be the top Rubbish and Junk Removal experts. They arrived on time, were polite, uniformed, and even helped with my late mother's items into storage for my brother. Outstanding brand, business, and project.
Ruth R.20/06/2024
     Always a pleasure. Very pleased with CleanersBermondsey's cleaning service.
      CleanersBermondsey offers top-notch cleaning services at prices that won't break the bank.
Kelly M.31/05/2024
     Don't settle for mediocre cleaning services, make the smart choice by choosing BermondseyCleaner for their top-notch and reliable solutions.
Nylah H.17/05/2024
     It's rare to find such a reliable and trustworthy cleaning service provider like this company in today's market.
Alex Anders 22/04/2024
     These two cleaners did an outstanding job - from their efficiency to their respect towards my space and clear communication, everything was top-notch. I highly recommend them and will be hiring them again in the future.
Alan S.30/03/2024
     The peace of mind that comes with hiring CleanersBermondsey's reliable cleaners is priceless - it allows me to focus on other important tasks without worrying about the cleanliness of my space.
Gerry Clapton20/03/2024
     He displayed a remarkably kind, gracious and proficient aura at all times.He showed remarkable care in his workmanship.My settees have been restored to their former glory and give off a lovely scent.
Aaron H.02/03/2024
     The consultation with the company prior to booking was informative and helpful, leading to a successful deep clean.
David Bull 21/02/2024
     Our home has been given a new life thanks to the amazing work done by CleanersBermondsey's team on our carpets and sofas.
M. Keats11/02/2024
     From start to finish, this company has exceeded my expectations. Their cleaning services are outstanding and they have earned a solid 10 out of 10 rating from me.
     Thanks to the outstanding work from Bermondsey Cleaners, we were able to smoothly move out without having to worry about the cleanliness of our London flat thanks to their thorough end of tenancy cleaning service.
Patt J.22/01/2024
     The cleaner's punctual arrival with a courtesy call beforehand was greatly appreciated.
     Outstanding service - speedy, expert and cordial. Our rugs are immaculate now!
Alicia Q.25/10/2023
     Utilising Bermondsey Cleaner, clients can be sure of friendly and efficacious service; the cleaners are conscientious with their approach and make sure no stone is unturned when completing their tasks. It is my pleasure to recommend them.
Haley W.15/02/2023
     I was fed up of cleaning my house so opted to get some help. I was passed on the contacts of a local cleaning company called Bermondsey Cleaners by a friend. I called and booked a home clean to do the entire house and was very happy with the results. The ladies were lovely and did a superb job and the cost was good too! I have decided to use them weekly from now on so that I can do other things. Plus, I will be telling all those I know about this great cleaning service.
Jessica Foster14/07/2015
     I was having a house warming party and needed my place to look spotless for the night. I have so much responsibility at work and don't always have the time to clean up after myself. I found Cleaners Bermondsey and they were able to come just a few hours before the party to clean up, which made it so much easier for me. I am so grateful.
     What a wonderful experience working with Cleaners Bermondsey has been! I truly am more than grateful for having stumbled upon them and I would hire them again and again. They helped me a lot with my house cleaning and everything looks perfect now!
George 17/03/2015
     After hurting my leg I didn't think that I could handle my house cleaning, but finding a company that could work within my budget proved to be tough. Cleaners Bermondsey offered me a great price quote for a regular service, and I was very pleased with the work my cleaner did. Everything was completely clean and sanitised to a professional standard, and there were no hidden fees. The price quote was very accurate too! A delightful company.
     I would not hesitate for a moment in recommending Cleaners Bermondsey to friends or family, or anyone in fact who is looking for a reliable cleaning service and whose efficiency is rivalled only by the most affordable and flexible prices in the market! I first hired this cleaning company when I realised work and my family life left me no time for vacuuming or oven cleaning! So the friendly and dependable cleaners now visit my home once a week, allowing me to enjoy my time off doing nothing!
     I find Cleaners Bermondsey to be reliable, trustworthy and an efficient cleaning firm. Both myself and my sister use their services and neither of us have had any problems whatsoever. The standard of cleaning is high and I have never had the need to complain about anything not being cleaned to my satisfaction. Before using their services, I phoned round different companies for cleaning quotes and found that the price that I pay is competitive for the cleaning service delivered. I am often traveling around the country with work and it is a lovely feeling coming back to a clean house.
     With a large home you end up purchasing a lot of furniture, and it's such an investment that it doesn't make sense to let it go uncared for. I decided to go a step further and invest in some furniture cleaning services so that I could extend the life and beauty of the furniture in the house. Cleaners Bermondsey is known for its excellent furniture polishing, waxing, painting and cleaning services and they offered me a really good deal too. If you're looking for a cleaning agency that has experience in furniture cleaning and restoration, you cannot go wrong with this team.
Lilian D.19/09/2014
     Cleaners Bermondsey gets a big thumbs up from me, and here's why! They did an excellent job in every single respect. They did a superb cleaning job in a short time span, their staff are all very friendly, and to top it off, their services were not in the least bit expensive! I've never used a company (and I've used a few in the past) that provided the same blend of quality and affordability as this company does. Truly, it was a triumph! My home looks smarter than it ever has before, and I owe it all to these fine ladies and gentlemen.
Lee Z.29/08/2014
     To all the team at Cleaners Bermondsey I'd just like to say a big hearty thanks and especially to the house cleaners who've came to my home over the past few months. I would like to say as well it's been a pleasure to deal with your customer service and for your flexibility when I have had to change my plans at the last minute. My home is now consistently clean and I know it will always be like that as long as I keep using your services. As a busy mum of two this means a lot to me and I think my family appreciates this as well. Thanks again.
Catriona M.13/08/2014
     You can likely understand the predicament I find myself in when it comes to getting the floors clean. I have beautiful but expensive flooring, made form marble and slate in other places. However, it can be a nightmare to clean them properly, as I don't want to risk scratching them! I get Cleaners Bermondsey round to do the job every month or so, and they always give an amazing clean, ensuring that they look their best every time. I have a lot of thanks to give the team, and recommend them to anyone out there who needs it.
Patricia Carter31/07/2014
     I've never been able to find the motivation to start cleaning and finish the job. On my days off, I always dedicate 6 or so hours to just get everything clean but every time I start, the jobs remain half done. My next door neighbour and I were talking about her new cleaner from Cleaners Bermondsey and she had nothing but wonderful things to say about her. I got their number and arranged a suitable time and day and when I saw what she had done to my house I nearly cried. It's never been so clean in all the years of me living there!
Alex Y.16/07/2014
     Would absolutely recommend these guys to anybody, they have been outstanding over the past two years whilst I've been living in the area, and I will really miss them now that I am moving away! I can't believe how affordable a professionally cleaned home can be. Cleaners Bermondsey cleaners were professional, flexible extremely friendly, hardworking and great at their job. It is such a relief when you walk through the door to know that you don't have to spend your free time cleaning. Thank you to everybody at the company and I wish I could take you with me!
Rosie Clapham30/06/2014
     I was in need of an experienced team to clean my office and shop. I hadn't had a lot of time to sort it, and had noticed a commercial cleaning company about the area doing work for other companies. Cleaners Bermondsey were absolutely great from start to finish. I booked a date and a service to suit my requirements. The team arrived with all of their kit and cleaning products and began immediately. They attended to every detail to get the place back in tip top condition. Nothing was damaged and it looked fantastic when they had finished. I will definitely use these again.
Deidre Day12/06/2014
     I was on the road a lot as a long distance lorry driver and the last thing I wanted when I got home was the home cleaning. I was tired and took action and arrange for some professional assistance. Cleaners Bermondsey were great, they advised me on a cleaning service to suit my needs. I was very happy with the work that was carried out, the place looked stunning. Everywhere was left spotlessly clean and tidy. Now I hire them every week for a few hours to keep on top of the general house cleaning duties. It is great on my return from work to enjoy the clean surroundings.
Tom S.26/05/2014
     I love Cleaners Bermondsey! They really do make things so much easier for me, and I am blessed to have them in my life. I am a seriously busy person, and though I live alone, it seems that I never have time to get anything other than office work done! I have been using these guys as cleaners for a couple of years, and they are consistently amazing, really great at what they do, and a perfect addition to my life over all! I would highly recommend them to anyone out there who needs great service for a great price.
Kelly Gardner29/04/2014
     Cleaning the home is no longer a chore thanks to a wonderful team of cleaners that I have employed. Four cleaners visit me every third week and clean the house from top to bottom, the work that they do is absolutely top notch and the place is always in great condition when they leave. Cleaners Bermondsey cleaners arrive on time and in their lovely uniforms so they really look professional and they are reliable. I love the new found freedom that I have discovered now that that I don't have to worry about cleaning. The staff are fantastic and take real pride in their work.
Susan Williams08/04/2014
     There's a great service out there in the shape of Cleaners Bermondsey and I can now happily suggest that you hire them for any issues which you might be having. Their expert help has really made a difference in my life and I can happily say that I will not be going back to how it was before. I can't even remember what it was like back then, but I know it must have been messy. Thankfully, I've got the pros on my side now and it makes a huge difference. I don't know much about cleaning, but I know what works. This.
Chris Lee19/03/2014
     If you are the kind of person who likes a chat, but loves a bargain, then Cleaners Bermondsey are amazing! They are both friendly and well priced, which means I've always got a clean house, and have someone to have a cup of tea with every now and again! Seriously though, they are wonderfully good at what they do, and I have never had reason to complain, especially when the value is so high! A well recommended service, who will do you a good deal!
Jermaine S.05/03/2014
     I am continually impressed with the office cleaning service provided by Cleaners Bermondsey. They are affordable and convenient and they know exactly what services I need. I was looking for a company that could provide simple office cleaning, just to ensure the space was looking neat and tidy. The staff at Cleaners Bermondsey provide this service and more. Their cleaning staff are always hard working and friendly. They always bring their own supplies and work diligently to clean the office space. They are a hard working team that provide an affordable service. Thanks for the continued dedication!
Katherine U.18/02/2014
     Last week I left my first piece of 'constructive criticism' for Cleaners Bermondsey in the five years that they have been cleaning our office. That's not bad I thought to myself, and it was only a little niggle about chairs not being put back straight. They were courteous in reply and it made me thing 'hang on a minute, that's all you have had to complain about in FIVE YEARS?!'. Just an amazing service, I don't even give Cleaners Bermondsey a second thought I take their fantastic work for granted that much. Well here is me showing my appreciation, thanks guys, I really mean it.
     When I moved my family into a bigger house it didn't take me long to realise that I'd bitten off more than I could chew when it came to cleaning! Cleaning my house was taking up far too much of my time and I never had the energy to play with my children at the end of the day! I called Cleaners Bermondsey after speaking to a close friend who relies on their cleaning services. I didn't think that I'd be able to afford a professional cleaner but the prices are really fair and affordable. I love this service!
Chris F.20/01/2014
     I wanted to hire a professional cleaner to clean my house for me as I just didn't have the motivation needed to clean my big house all of the time. A friend told me to try Cleaners Bermondsey as they're one of the cheapest and most experienced cleaning companies in town. I gave them a call and was pleasantly surprised with their friendly and professional manner. The cleaning job itself is the best I've ever seen - everything in my house is spotless and I didn't have to slave away for hours! This is a great cleaning service and one I'll definitely call again!
     I have found it so difficult to find a good cleaning service, so now I have found Cleaners Bermondsey I think it is only fair I let people know just how good they are. Their level of service is excellent and they are very affordable compared to some other companies I have tried. I find having a good cleaning company an essential part of my lifestyle, so I value good service as well as a good price. These guys tick both boxes - they are professional, friendly, discreet, accommodating and just about everything else as well. I cannot fault them!
C. Kingsley03/12/2013
     I'd like to recommend Cleaners Bermondsey to all out there who want a great cleaning service, with none of the hassle that sometimes accompanies these sorts of trade. You will find them to be punctual, polite, and very hard working. I have used them for six months or so, and they have never been anything but excellent at cleaning, and I have never been let down once! They only take around three hours to do my whole house every week, which means that the place stays immaculate for a pretty low price, which is totally worth the money!
S. Locke23/11/2013
     Having used cleaners in the past, I felt I had to stop, because it was getting very annoying having to find all of the things that they had tidied away when I needed it! Perhaps I am different to others, but I like to leave things out if I am going to come back to them, so to return home to find that a load of work documents were suddenly gone was quite frustrating. Cleaners Bermondsey are different however, I started using them recently, and they just clean around my organized chaos, which is great.
Jenny B.13/11/2013
     My kids are little whirlwinds of mess, pretty much capable of untidying even the tidiest of houses in a matter of minutes. I love them, but this can be pretty annoying. And it was fine, I could keep on top of it until I decided to go back to work. Now, with the kids and work, I find it tough to find the time to set aside to make sure that the house is at its best. Enter Cleaners Bermondsey. The staff there work really hard to keep my home in a clean and much more manageable state. Thanks.
O. Smart03/11/2013
     Is it weird, going on the internet to praise a cleaning company? My other half has been pushing me towards this for ages. Cleaners Bermondsey has been a part of our lives for six months now, and I've never known us to be this relaxed and this comfortable in our own home. It's so easy to forget how paranoid you get when you know that you won't have time to hoover, so you're eating everything over the sink. Well, now that we have Cleaners Bermondsey, we can be happy to let them be the fantastic professionals they are and let us get on with living our lives. Thanks again.
Grace V.24/10/2013
     I've been dying to write in and show my support for Cleaners Bermondsey. My work is getting so hectic and it's so hard to find time to keep my place tidy. That's when a friend turned me on to this company, and their excellent cleaning service. The level of professionalism and friendly attitude means I'll never look anywhere else, and I am sure my home has never been cleaner. I am not sure that I can recommend Cleaners Bermondsey enough, and cannot for the life of me understand why I hadn't hired them sooner. Will be telling all my friends!
Amanda B.14/10/2013
     Managing my home and work life can be a struggle but I usually find time to get everything done. However, in recent months my cleaning had been abandoned because of how busy I am. I was getting stressed about it but I heard about Cleaners Bermondsey and decided to call them. I'm glad I did because they were able to help with everything, from giving me information to sending cleaners to my apartment. Their team works hard, so I don't have to, and they bestowed me with a lovely home.
Tina Kothari29/09/2013
     My sister had recently recommend Cleaner Bermondsey to me when I told her I didn't have time to clean up anymore. Work and social obligations keep me so busy I didn't have enough time to tackle my own domestic chores. I called them up to see what they could do for me and they helped me work out what I needed, so I got a service that suits me. They worked when I needed them to, handled the chores that had to be done and didn't stop until it was finished. If anyone asks me about home cleaning, I will recommend Cleaner Bermondsey immediately.
Evelyn Crawford19/09/2013
     As I've got older, I have found it harder to keep my home clean. The task had become too demanding and so I had to make a decision I didn‘t want to live in mess and dust, so I would need some assistance. I came across Bermondsey Cleaner and they proved themselves the perfect candidate. They dedicated themselves to keeping my abode spick and span and doing it on a regular basis. My house has never looked better because of the great work they do for me.
Adam Stanton09/09/2013
     Finding time to manage all of my cleaning was a tough chore. I could never fit it into my schedule and when I got the chance to get some done I would have to rush through it, so I was never as thorough as I liked. I happened upon Cleaners Bermondsey by luck and I glad as this serendipity. They have transformed my life by making sure my home never even becomes messy and will maintain the cleanliness to the highest standard. I don't have to do a thing, but I am reward with a spotless home, thanks to their handwork.
Joseph Dickens30/08/2013
      CleanersBermondsey thoroughly impressed me within minutes of contacting them. Over the phone, I learned more about cleaning than I ever knew and their operators helped me get good deal on their services. Their staff were polite and hardworking, doing everything I needed of them to make my home spotless. They were careful when handling my belongings and treated me with respect. Their dedication really showed when they spent many hours to make everything perfect. A perfect service I will recommend to everyone who needs help with their cleaning.
Anne Taylor29/08/2013
     Grappling with work, chores and my social life, I found that I didn't have time to clean my home anymore. Not wanting it to become a huge mess, I dedicated to hire a cleaner to help. Cleaners Bermondsey seemed like the best bet and they proved themselves so. They have a talented person at my home twice a week to wash up, vacuum and polish everything. I don't know how managed without them, because now I get to do everything I want while having a clean home to return to.
Steve Parkinson28/08/2013