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24Oct 2014
Does House Cleaning Have to Be a Nightmare?
Does House Cleaning Have to Be a Nightmare? House cleaning is, for most people, something that very often falls last on the list of things you have to do. We usually postpone it to the moment we simply cannot escape it anymore and, when we finally get to do it, we pray to God we get through it as fast and easy as possible. House cleaning does not have to be a nightmare, though. There are many things that will make your life easier when you have to clean the things in your home. We have gathered the very best ones of them in the following list. Read them and apply them the next time you want to make your home sparkly clean. 1.    Plan ahead If you are like most people, you probably don’t plan your house cleaning (or at least not very thoroughly). Yet, this is one of the worst mistakes you could make. Before you even start swiping the floors and clean the bathroom, sit down and plan everything. The first rooms to go on the list should be the ones that are the most difficult to handle – and then followed by the easier ones. Make sure you take them in this order because getting through a very messy area of the house (the kitchen, for example) will push you to get this other rooms done as well. 2.    Music Seriously, there’s a reason they play upbeat music in lots of gyms out there – it energises people. In fact, you can use that with your house cleaning as well. Especially during the winter months, when your energy drops significantly, doing house chores will feel like a true nightmare. However, making a playlist of your favorite upbeat songs can really help. It doesn’t even matter how old or new the songs are – as long as they bring a smile on your face and make you want to do something, they will be brilliant!3.    Start with a good breakfastThis may sound silly, but if you have planned to do your house cleaning throughout several days, make sure you energise your body with proper nutrition. Start each of the days with a healthy breakfast consisting of smoothies, fruits, cereals, dairy products and other highly-energising foods. However, make sure you don’t “stuff” yourself too much because that may slow you down through the house cleaning itself too. 4.    Split the choresIf you live with other people (roommates or your family), there’s absolutely no reason at all why you shouldn’t split the tasks among everyone. Even the little ones can contribute a bit to the house cleaning! Make sure everyone has something to do and you will unburden yourself from a lot of things you would have otherwise had to handle on your own. 5.    Use the right products Sometimes, you will want to use the same product for more than one type of dirt. But that’s not always the right thing to do. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your cleaning products, especially since there are many household products (white vinegar, baking soda, etc.) that will help you do the cleaning. However, you should know which ones are good for what type of cleaning. 6.    Reward yourself House cleaning is not easy – not if you are 20, not if you are 40 and not if you are 70. Therefore, it is more than natural that you will want to reward yourself with something nice once you are done. It may be a nice meal out in the town, it may be a nice movie, some shopping or buying yourself something nice. Also, remember to reward everyone who helped you as well!

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