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04Jul 2014
Looking After Your Hardwood Flooring
Looking After Your Hardwood FlooringHardwood floors look fantastic in any home, but they can be quite a lot more difficult to care of than carpets or laminate flooring! If you have hardwood floors in your home and you need some tips and helpful advice when it comes to quick cleaning then why not let us help you! 1)    Start by vacuuming.Vacuuming is the ideal way to remove dirt and dust from your hardwood floor. Lots of people tend to stick to a dustpan and brush or soft broom, but this will simply brush dirt into the cracks and crevices of your floor. Vacuuming will remove dust as opposed to pushing it around, and you won’t run the risk of stiff bristles scratching your floor. Never use an attachment with your vacuum when cleaning hardwood floors as this can also scratch the surface, making your floor appear older and more worn. 2)    Getting rid of marks.Whether they’re from shoes or pets, marks will appear on your hardwood floor no matter how hard to try to keep it clean. You can quickly and easily deal with marks by buffing lightly at them with a soft cloth and water. Never over-use water when it comes to hardwood flooring as this can cause serious damage and, with prolonged exposure, irreparable problems such as rot. You can also get rid of marks on your floor by using a hardwood floor cleaning product. Don’t use anything that isn’t specifically designed for hardwood floors as this will cause damage. 3)    Getting rid of spills.If you deal with spills quickly then they won’t have time to set and stain. Use a damp cloth to quickly wipe up the mess using blotting motions. This method will be enough to deal with most spills, though you might want to resort to a hardwood floor cleaning product for tougher cleaning power! 4)    Using water to clean your floor.Water can be used to clean your hardwood floor, but only if it’s used very sparingly! You should avoid mopping your floor as water can be incredibly dangerous for hardwood floors. The water can cause the wood to warp or even rot over time – something which can be very costly to fix! Target areas of your floor that you feel need a specific clean and wipe and blot gently at any problems areas with a damp cloth. Never let liquids soak your floor and even use cleaning products gently, using them on a cloth rather than directly onto the wood. 5)    Using cleaning products to clean your floor.Any product claiming to be suitable for such floors is definitely something that you need in your cleaning cupboard if you have hardwood in your home! Don’t use anything that isn’t suitable for the job as you could cause some serious damage! It’s easy to find out the information that you need when it comes to hardwood cleaning products. The internet can be very helpful when it comes to finding the right products, so have a look and see what’s available to you! 6)    Keeping your floor clean.Rugs are a great way to keep your floor clean. Place a rug in a busy area of the floor and you can avoid accidental damages, scratches and dirt marks from sullying your hardwood floor! You might also want to try employing a no-shoe policy to avoid future damage, as shoes are one of the most common reasons for damages to hardwood floors.

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