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18Sep 2014
How To Clean Windows - Trade Secrets
How To Clean Windows - Trade SecretsCleaning windows is a job that we often put off, because for most of us it can be tricky to get a good result but why is it that professional window cleaners make it look incredibly easy?If you are looking for professional tips and advice for easy window cleaning then you have come to the right place!Tools for the job!A window cleaner’s tool kit is a relatively simple one, some may use lots of different tools and other will stick to basics but the majority will have things such as a Bucket, Sponge, Wash solution, scraper, and squeegee and microfiber cloths. If you are afraid of heights and ladders are out of the question then you may need an adjustable pole to reach the top panes.Professional window cleaners do not use glass cleaner that most will buy from the supermarkets; instead they usually use a simple solution of cold water and washing up liquid or cold water and trade wash solution.Where to start!Doing a good job will require some simple step by steps!Step 1, wet the glass and remove any debris using a scraper or scrubber. Do not try to scrape a dry pane of glass because you may scratch it.Step 2, Using your sponge dipped into your window cleaning solution, wash the entire pane of glass.Step 3, using your squeegee working horizontally or vertically depending on the size of the glass and which way the squeegee fits. After each stroke, wipe off the excess moisture to prevent smears from occurring.Step 4, Using a Lint free cloth, dry off the edges of the windows so that no drips of water runs down the pane after you have cleaned them.Professional Window cleaners will use the above ‘simple method’ of cleaning windows because it is more practical for them to do so, when a window cleaner has to go from house to house to clean windows it’s easier to have a readymade solution at hand so that you can get the job done, hassle free. Sometimes a window cleaner may have to change the water they use, especially if they have cleaned extremely dirty windows previously but more often than not, they manage to clean using the one readymade solution. If In case the home owner is not at home at the time you go to clean their windows, it’s probably best to take an extra barrel of cold water so that you extra clean water available if it’s needed.Most home owners and self window cleaners will tend to buy supermarket window or glass cleaner to clean their windows at home, although this is fine to use and does offer good results, it can be very time consuming and it does tend to smear, if it has not been done properly. It’s probably better to always have a lint free cloth available because lint free cloths are great for removing smears and they will not leave irritating fibres on the glass panes. Other ways which are suitable for glass cleaning include newspaper and vinegar. This is an old fashion way of cleaning glass but it’s very effective, many people swear by it and will even use this technique today. Because Vinegar is acidic it works well at removing grease and grime from glass and it creates an incredible shine afterwards. The newspaper works well at removing any left of smears. Some people are put off with cleaning with vinegar and newspaper because it can be a little messy and smelly but if nothing else is available and this is all you have, it’s a great quick fix.

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