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01Apr 2015
What Are The Advantages Of End Of Tenancy Cleaning?
What Are The Advantages Of End Of Tenancy Cleaning?

Whether you're a tenant in a new home that you have just rented, or whether you're the landlord who is renting out the home, cleaning services can be a huge help to you. They can help to make your property easier to let, or if you are already renting it, they can help to make you feel more comfortable in your new home and help you to settle in much easier.

For The Tenant:
If another tenancy has ended and you're the new tenant of a property, whether this is a house, flat or something else, one of the first things that you're bound to want to do is to clean everything before you put your things into it. Obviously, you have so much to do when you've just moved somewhere new, what with change of address and so on, so doing a domestic clean might be something that you struggle to find time for. This is where a cleaning agency can really help you out. These cleaners will come into your home and help out wherever you require them, providing kitchen cleaning services including oven cleaning, and cleaning in other rooms too such as upholstery or rug cleaning. It is amazing how different your new home will feel after just a clean and it is so much more satisfying to put all of your treasured possessions into a clean, new home, rather than unpacking and then having to move everything to clean afterwards. Cleaning agencies can also help to clean your existing furniture and items, which can be extremely handy, especially if your things have been packed away or been put in storage for a long time where they may have gotten dusty. A new home should be a clean start after all, so doing a clean after the last tenant has left can be a brilliant idea.

For The Landlord:
If you are a landlord and you have a tenancy which has just finished, doing a clean out before you look to let your property out again is a great idea. A deep cleanse of the flat, house or bungalow can really help prospective new tenants to see the best of what your property has to offer instead of just seeing a thick layer of dirt, grime, muck or dust. A clean such as this guarantees that anyone who comes to view the property will not be put off it simply because of its condition, meaning that you are more likely to be able to let the property out and with as little waiting time as possible, ensuring that you are not losing out on any rent money. If you do this clean at the end of your last tenancy, before the new tenant moves in, it means that you do not have to worry about disrupting or disturbing the new tenant by having to arrange the cleaning service to go over once they have moved in and so allows them time to settle into their new home. An end of lease clean ensures that you will not get complaints off tour new tenants with regards to the state of the property and means that you can ensure that the clean is up to standard while you carry on with your other work that you have, meaning that you are not having to set time aside to clean the property yourself.

Whether you are the tenant about to move in and want to get a clean done after the tenancy has ended, or a landlord looking to rent your property again, a clean of the property can help to make both parties the happiest that they can be.

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