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06Mar 2015
DIY Stain Removal Products
DIY Stain Removal Products

Domestic cleaning is an important factor in keeping the house neat and tidy. However, buying lots of cleaning products can be expensive and time consuming, especially when it is important to choose the right type of cleaner. Many cleaners are jam packed with chemicals that can be harmful to the environment and children and pets if they are around the home. Instead of spending lots of money on negative cleaning products, why not consider making your own cleaning product. With some of these simple recipes you can make really effective cleaning products that are made from simple ingredients and chemical free. Household cleaning is made even easier when you might have some of the ingredients just lying around the kitchen pantry!

Lemon juice

This common pantry makes a strong cleaner when mixed with water in a spray bottle. You only need about 10 drops of lemon juice in a 500ml bottle. The reason it is so effective is because the citric acid is able to eat away at tough stains. It is particularly useful when cleaning soap scum out of the bathroom.

Vinegar and ammonia

These two products should be used separately. For both, dilute them in a spray bottle with a cup of warm water. These mixtures are really good for removing stains out of carpets and fabrics. They aren’t too harsh so they can be used on delicate fabrics. When used on carpets, you should spray the affected area then blot the stain using a damp, clean cloth or paper towel to remove the stain.

Club soda

For stubborn carpet stains that are water soluble, use a combination of water to dilute some club soda in a spray bottle. This can be applied directly to a stain on the carpet ad blotted away using a clean cloth or some paper towel.

Baking powder or bicarbonate soda

This basic cooking ingredient has many wonderful applications to make the home sparkling clean. You will be amazed at how great this is for house cleaning. This type of powder also acts as a deodoriser as well as disinfecting areas to reduce the risk of bacterial growth. The powder on its own can be used to sprinkle over a stain on carpet, such as red wine or oil, and it will soak it up, and then vacuum the stain. You can mix the powder with water and create a thin paste to spray on surfaces such as counter tops and sinks. You can also make a thick paste to apply to tough grease stains in ovens or on sinks. Lather the paste on and leave it sit for an hour or so, and the scrub off later.

Essential oils

If you have a favourite scent that you love having around your home, why not incorporate it in your cleaning product. Essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, lemon, or tea tree work really well as effective cleaners. There is a natural compound from the plants that are in the oils which make for a natural cleaning remedy. They also deodorise as well as clean. Essential oils can also be used to make an air freshener. Do this by putting a cup of baking powder and around 5 drops of your favourite essence in a jar. Then poke some holes in the top of the jar lid and place it in a corner to freshen up the room.

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