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20May 2015
Get Your Carpets Gleaming With These Carpet Cleaning Tips
Get Your Carpets Gleaming With These Carpet Cleaning Tips

There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful carpet that’s your pride and joy, and seeing it gradually deteriorate over time. Spillages, stains, dirt and just general wear and tear can all have an adverse impact on the aesthetic qualities of your carpets. Give your carpets some love, see to their upkeep and you’ll be able to enjoy and make use of them for a long time to come.

1.    Clean up stains and spillages as soon as you notice them.
When many people notice stains, they tend to just cover them up or tell themselves that they’ll get round to them at a later date. This is possibly the worst thing that you could do, especially when you’re dealing with carpet stains. Carpet fibres are delicate and are intricately designed with beautiful patterning, so if you let a stain become absorbed by the fibres and dry out, it will be very difficult to completely remove it, no matter what type of cleaners you apply or equipment you use.

2.    Dislodge as much dirt as you can by giving your carpets a good old thump.
First things first, take your carpets outside and, using a rolling pin or similar object, give your carpets a thwack on the back. In addition to being a good method for venting your anger of having to house clean, this will also serve to remove and dislodge any dirt lodged deep within the carpet fibres, making your carpet easier to clean later on.

3.    Powders make for fantastic carpet cleaners.
When you go to your local cleaning supply store, you’re bound to find a wide range of different products, including carpet shampoos, creams, and various other treatments for different types of carpets. But the products you want to look out for are carpet powders. Powders present you with a great way to clean your carpets. Not only will they give you fantastic results, but they’re less likely to ruin your carpets by causing further spread, because this dry product can be easily applied and removed, without having to spend time waiting for it to dry upon its application.

4.    Do it the natural way.
Despite there being a whole load of different products for your carpets, there are plenty of ways you could clean your carpets naturally, using everyday household items. Salt is a great way for removing spillages; sprinkle salt on the affected area and it will work by sucking up some of the liquid in your carpet fibres. Baking soda is fantastic for giving your carpets an all-round clean. In addition to helping clean up spillages, baking soda can also help to remove any nasty odours lingering deep amongst the carpet fibres. But whichever method you choose to use, whether it be natural or you use a store-brought product, be sure to test it out on a small area of carpet first. The last thing that you’d want to happen is to try and clean your carpet, but instead end up making the situation worse! So test out your product on a small corner first, to ensure that there’s no discolouration and staining.

5.    Carpet and rug cleaning can’t always be achieved to a high standard with store-brought products or household items. Sometimes, it’s better to get some help in the form of a cleaning agency and a team of professional cleaners. If you can, it’ll be best to hire the services of a professional carpet cleaning company, because you can be sure that they’ll know exactly what to do and will most definitely give your carpets a professional clean.

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