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05Dec 2013
Cleaning The Bathroom - A Few Hints
Cleaning The Bathroom  - A Few Hints

As with the kitchen, the bathroom is a room in which the activities performed contribute to its dirtiness. You will find that the combination of water residues, soap scum and human dirt will combine to form a veritable feast of different things to clean. The problem with the bathroom is that while things may be wiped down fairly regularly, you are unlikely to tackle the soap scum and lime scale until it becomes really very apparent. This is because what people cannot see, they tend not to worry about, and of course once it is there, it is a nightmare to get rid of! So, cleaning the bathroom should mean tackling the whole thing, not just wiping down a few surfaces!

Start by spraying your cream cleaner onto every surface that will need it. Such cleaners will need a little time to do their job, so spray them on and cover all of the surfaces with the stuff. Once you have finished covering the last item, the first will probably be ready get scrubbing away at. If you are not sure, leave it for five minutes. Use a rough sponge to tackle the difficult stuff and you should find that the cleaner will work away at it, helping you to get rid of the build up dirt. Lime scale may need a little longer with the cleaner on. You will find that most things can be cleaned with bathroom cleaner, and that doing things methodically and more often than you would perhaps want to, will mean that the dirt does not build up and you can get things clean pretty easily. You will no doubt find that tackling the tougher stains and build ups once a week will make them a lot less tough!

If you feel like your cream cleaner or bathroom spray is not working, you may well want to look in the pantry. The combination of vinegar, lemon and baking soda can be used to great effect to clean the bathroom very effectively. This may sound a little ridiculous, and admittedly it is not that common to find things to use for cleaning the house within your food supplies, but the best thing to do is try it out and see what works for you! One of the main problems that people have with cleaning the taps is getting to the difficult to reach parts. If you can engineer a bag to be taped on to the tap that is full of vinegar, and leave it overnight, then the acidity will eat away at the lime scale, leaving it pretty well cleared up the next morning. You will simply need to rinse and wipe, and it should flake away! Similarly, taking a clogged shower head off of the shower and placing it in a warm bowl of vinegar over night, perhaps adding a little boiling water when you can, should result in a sparkling and unclogged fitment! You will find all sorts of uses for vinegar and its acidic properties around the house with a little look online... Getting the rest of the bathroom cleaned with some lemon and baking soda is also very effective. You should find that the lemon’s acidity and the carbonated baking soda react to form a great frothy cleaner. Leave it bubbling away at the stains for a while and you will very likely find that the dirt wipes away without too much hassle after a little time. The aim of the game is to make things quick and easy, and it should do exactly that!

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