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21Nov 2014
Clean Those Areas That You Would Least Expect To Find Dirt
Clean Those Areas That You Would Least Expect To Find Dirt It’s all well and good cleaning your floors, furniture and the obvious places in your house. The places where you walk, sit and spend most of your time will no doubt collect the most dirt. But be mindful of the fact that dirt and dust can be found everywhere and in the unlikeliest of places. When you come round to cleaning these places, you will be shocked at what you see, but follow our simple advice and you will have them cleaned up in no time.•    You may think that the kitchen sink must be really clean, because of the amount of washing and detergent you squirt in there. But in actual fact, your sink may be dirtier that your toilet! So it’s essential to give your sink a good clean every now and then. Kitchen cleaning should be carried out every week, and when you do so, don’t forget to sanitise your sink by washing it with bleach which will remove bacteria and food particles to give your sink a deep clean.•    Your toothbrush! It’s pretty obvious that because you clean your mouth multiple times a day with your toothbrush, it’s going to collect dirt and the stuff that was previously stuck in your mouth. But then if you just leave your toothbrush, bacteria will feed on all of this dirt and will continue to multiply and then go back into your mouth the next time you brush your teeth. The place where you keep your toothbrush is also important; keep it in a close vicinity to your toilet, and when you flush, particles and water droplets from the toilet could spray and find its way onto your toothbrush which then goes into your mouth. So clean the area around your toothbrush and replace it regularly to avoid contaminating yourself with bathroom germs.•    Clean your television remote, mouse and computer keyboard. The amount of time you use these objects, they’re bound to pick up dirt. In any case, whenever you touch something in your house, dirt gets transferred and these are objects that are used a lot in most households. There is no need to go out and buy any fancy cleaners; simply wipe these objects with bleach or an alcohol wipe, but be sure not to douse them because they are electronic items.•    Your bathtub and surrounding pipes and sinks harbour plenty of bacteria, which tend to colonise around the plug holes and pipe areas. To rectify this, clean out your pipes regularly. There are plenty of specialised products on the market which can be poured down your sinks and will strip away any dirt, blockages and bacteria. To clean your bathtub, use some bleach and scrub your bath regularly; then leave this for ten minutes or so before rinsing off with warm water.•    Whilst trying to get your house clean, don’t forget the knobs, handles and buttons on appliances around your house. Touching things will transfer dirt, and these objects are probably handled the most in your house. Wipe these down with an alcohol wipe or use a sanitizer to minimize the risk of any harmful effects.•    Sheets, pillows, throws and fabrics; dust mites, bacteria, dust, hair and drool are just some of the things found on these objects. Wash them at least twice a week on the highest heat possible which will sanitize them efficiently.•    Alternatively, search around for cleaning services you want, call up your local cleaning company and get their professional cleaners to the jobs you won’t, but be sure to give them specific details of the work you want carried out.

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